Bliss, Balance, and Beyond: How Holy Basil Supports the Body Across The Wellness Spectrum

18th Apr 2023

When it comes to stress support and mind, body, and consciousness alignment, Holy Basil reigns supreme. Considered to be sacred in some regions, this super adaptogen has been used throughout time for a vast range of uses, but none more noteworthy than as a natural mood and stress support. Holy Basil has gained such a formidable reputation that it’s earned the nickname “Liquid Yoga” for its naturally calming effects.

While its benefits to the nervous system and as a natural stress support are well-documented, what you may not know is that Holy Basil supports the body across the wellness spectrum. Read on to some of the many ways this powerhouse super plant can support your wellness journey.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil: 101

“The Incomparable One,” “The Queen of Herbs, “Liquid Yoga” - Holy Basil has been known by many names throughout the ages, each honoring its significant contribution to wellness and its impact on one’s mental, physical, and emotional health.

In recent years, scientific and medicinal studies have reported findings on Holy Basil that support beliefs long held by Ayurvedic practitioners, such as its :

  • Ability to support homeostasis throughout the body
  • Role as an immuno-protectorate
  • Support the body’s natural detoxification process
  • Rich in phenolic antioxidant compounds, etc.

Historically, Holy Basil has been interwoven into Hindu mythology which solidified its almost divine-like perception. High in sattvic energy, it’s classified as a Rasyana, an elite adaptogenic celebrated for its perceived ability to heighten clairvoyance, calm the physical and mental manifestations of stress, and align the mind, body, and spirit.

Affectionately nicknamed, “Liquid Yoga” by its global supporters, this ancient herb is believed to support the body’s vital life force, while naturally instilling a sense of serenity

Holy Basil and Immunity, Stress, & Wellness

The immune system is our central defense mechanism, protecting us against everything from potentially harmful bacterial and viral invaders to the effects of daily stressors. Prolonged stress forces our immune system to actively work to protect us on multiple fronts which can weaken our natural defenses, making it easier for stress to overwhelm us mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Holy Basil’s antioxidants are high in phenolic compounds which have proven to have an immense impact on overall wellness, supporting your body’s natural defenses in numerous ways such as natural protection from oxidative stress. Holy Basil also contributes to nervous system health and resilience.

Holy Basil for Anxiety

Some of Holy Basil’s benefits sound like sci-fi terms, like its ability to harmonize a bio-energetic field. While its effect on the mind and nervous system isn’t widely known, the herb's ability to curb irritability and calm anxiety is.

In a fast-paced world, stress and anxiety triggers are all too abundant. Whether emotional, mental or physical, stress spikes cortisol levels. From a lowered immune system and adrenal strain to interrupted sleep cycles, high cortisol levels sustained over an elongated period can take a negative toll on overall health.

We may not be able to avoid every stress that comes our way, but we can control the support our bodies receive to better prepare ourselves for life’s daily stress. Holy Basil’s immuno-protective properties enable the body to remain resilient as external stressors threaten your physical and mental wellness. It’s said to lend a feeling of lightness and inner peace.

Organic herb

Holy Basil and the Dosha

Despite its naturally hot, dry tendencies, and properties typically associated with the Pitta dosha, Holy Basil is used to balancing Vata and Kapha. This influence is a bit mysterious given the known properties of the plant. In Ayurveda, an inexplicable influence like this is called a prabhava, something that truly cannot be explained.

Holy Basil & Skin

Holy Basil supports healthy inflammatory responses which help the body naturally protect and restore skin clarity, offering a radiant luster to the complexion. Its soothing qualities make it a great choice as a topical application for those struggling with skin aggravations and blemishes.

Holy Basil for Respiratory Health

In Ayurveda, an excess of mucus or phlegm can result from a Kapha imbalance.

Holy Basil’s has been linked to healthy breathing, circulation, and heart health. Its

drying properties pacify and realign Kapha imbalances for respiratory wellness.

Holy Basil & Glucose Support

There’s no such thing as a miracle pill when it comes to weight loss or weight management, but research into Holy Basil has shown to support the prevention of weight gain, healthy glucose levels, and digestion.

From general wellness to the targeted nervous system and mental health support, Holy Basil is one adaptogen worth adding to your mental health self-care regimen.

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