Moringa - The Superfood Supplement You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

18th Apr 2023

If you’re not habit-stacking your wellness routine, it may be time to start — with Moringa! Adding this powerhouse superfood supplement to your morning smoothie or your vitamin regimen is an easy way to boost your wellness.

Its recent popularity spike came after receiving a glowing endorsement from the World Health Organization (WHO), which publicly recognized and recommended Moringa for its broad spectrum benefits. Packing a whopping 46 antioxidants, essential amino acids, compounds that support healthy inflammation levels, and much more, it’s easy to see why it’s gaining traction in the global wellness community. Moringa is one superfood that’s truly super.

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The Benefits of Moringa – The Real Deal Superfood Supplement

Moringa’s official name is Moringa Oleifera. This Indian and Nepali native has been called many names throughout the ages - drumstick tree, miracle tree, and even the tree of life. Many of its names are derived from its unique ability to grow in harsh conditions with minimal soil or water.

The defining characteristic of any superfood is the impressively high nutrient density in contrast to the small serving size. Moringa epitomizes the word superfood. “Most greens are 90 percent water, leaving only 10 percent for nutrients. But Moringa is 80 percent water” leaving the remaining 20% available as raw nutrients.

Moringa’s leaves are rich in iron, calcium, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, riboflavin, essential amino acids, 46 antioxidants, 7 times the vitamin C of oranges, 15 times the potassium of bananas, vitamins A, E, magnesium, and so much more.

“The small leaves of Moringa pack a full punch of nutrients which contain more protein than eggs, more iron than spinach, more vitamin A than carrots, and more calcium than milk,”

*according to a study published in 2021

Plant-Based Protein

Unlike legumes and other vegan proteins, Moringa contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein source. Complete proteins are primarily found in meats. Most plant-based protein sources require users to supplement their diet in order to consume all of the essential amino acids.

A single cup of Moringa green superfood powder (far more than should be consumed in a day) contains roughly 375 grams of protein! It’s safe to say it’s Moringa is packed with all-natural, plant-based protein.

Healthy Aging

In addition to supporting heart and cardiovascular health, and healthy inflammation levels, the antioxidant flavonoids, polyphenols, ascorbic acid, and beta-carotene in Moringa support healthy aging.

Regular exposure to harmful rays and toxins, like we typically encounter – toxic chemicals, pollutants, UV rays, etc. encourages the proliferation of free radicals and oxidative stress. Both are known to damage cells. They’re also contributing factors to aging poorly among other things.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, helping to protect the body from oxidative stress. With 46 types of antioxidants, Moringa is a wonderful addition to any natural healthy aging routine.

Aging can also mean the loss of cognitive function and brain power. Moringa’s nootropic properties support memory, focus, and information retention. Nootropics or nutraceuticals are herbs, supplements, and medications that enhance cognitive function, intellectual performance, and learning capacity. Dark chocolate, red wine, coconut oil, and turmeric are a few other nootropic foods you may recognize.

Caffeine- Free Energy

The exceptional amount of B vitamins in Moringa such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6 make it a fantastic substitute for caffeine. Unlike the jittery spike of energy from coffee and energy drinks, Moringa supports sustained energy that can help manage energy levels throughout the day. It’s also believed to encourage endurance, stamina, and vitality.


Natural Nervous System & Adrenal Support

The relationship between the immune system and stress is quite complicated.

Increased or prolonged stress weakens the immune system. Whereas a healthy immune system is less taxing on the nervous system and better equipped to fend off external stressors and illnesses.

Moringa’s complex nutrients support the body’s natural ability to defend itself from environmental stressors and the physical, mental, and emotional manifestations of stress. Its neuroprotective properties support nervous system health and function which in turn supports the adrenal glands and lower cortisol levels.

Moringa & Gut Health 

Did you know that your body’s bacteria outnumber your human cells by a ratio of 10 to 1? We’re covered in bacteria. It lives on the skin, in the mouth, in nasal passages, and even in the stomach. The bacteria in our gut are a key part of the digestive process, helping to break food down into vital life-sustaining nutrition.

Moringa’s digestive enzymes help to create the right environment for gut health, supporting the natural breakdown of proteins, carbs, fats, and lactose for proper nutrient absorption and the natural production of energy. By supporting healthy inflammation levels, it also acts as a gentle digestive discomfort support, helping the body to naturally calm the stomach.

How to Use the Moringa Green Superfood Powder

People love the convenience of superfood powders and supplements. They help to ensure you fulfill your daily nutrition values without a side of stress. For Moringa, the daily recommended dose is just under ½ teaspoon or about two grams.

Moringa typically can be found in two forms - powder or capsule, like the one we offer. Capsules can be added to your daily vitamin regimen or broken open and used in smoothies.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to working Moringa into your diet. You can:

  • Mix into dips, sauces, soups, and dressings

  • Sprinkle onto your favorite salad

  • Add to mashed veggies like squash, sweet potatoes, or regular potatoes for a fun, colored flair

  • Stirred into cold water for a refreshing green drink or whisking it into hot water with a little lemon and honey for a matcha-like experience

  • Steep it as an herbal tea. This works best with leaves that aren’t ground into powder!

  • Add it to your favorite baked goods. It will turn them green so you may want to stick to recipes with chocolate if the color will send your family members running!

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