Eye Clear, 90 Tablets

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Advanced Vision Support


* Supports Eye Health
* Formulated For Visual Acuity & Clarity
* Helps With Age Related Eye Issues
* Supports Normal Blood Sugar Levels & Brain Health

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Free From:
Soy, Wheat, Gluten, Egg, Dairy, & GMO
Not For Use During Pregnancy
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Eye Clear is our Advanced Vision Support Formula. It’s a proprietary blend with two sustainably produced and ethically harvested varieties of Marigolds. Packed with Organic Marigold extract, a potent source of Macular Carotenoids, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin, compounds known for their natural ocular protective properties which help filter light emitted from digital devices, UV rays, glare, and natural photo stress recovery support.

Amla and Triphala, two nutrient dense ingredients, fortify Eye Clear, helping the body to naturally protect eyesight, supporting healthy ocular muscles. Interestingly, blood sugar has been shown to correspond to healthy vision. The Turmeric in Eye Clear plays a versatile role as it also supports healthy blood sugar balance.


  • Concentrated Amla extract shown to naturally help protect eyes
  • Antioxidants may help maintain collagen in the corneas
  • Vitamin C supports body's natural recovery phase
  • Supports memory, focus, and concentration
  • Balances Pitta and Kapha



Vata dosha is the energy of movement and composed of air & space. Vata is considered the “King of Doshas” and governs all the mental and physiological activities in the body, and is the moving force behind the other two doshas


Pitta dosha is the energy of transformation and composed of fire &water. Pitta is like the sun’s heat and governs metabolism and body temperature and helps physically and mentally digest food, thoughts, and experiences


Kapha dosha is the energy of cohesion and structure and composed of water and earth. Kapha lubricates, nourishes, and protects all the physical systems of the body, governs body weight and structure, and creates feelings of strength and contentedness



AM and PM


Take one tablet in the morning & one in the evening


Take two tablets a day or as recommended by your healthcare professional