Active Digest 60 Veg Capsules Front Label
Kerala Ayurveda Amalaki 60 Capsules Front Label
Amrutharishtam Front Label
Ashwagandha Front Label
Brahmi Front Label
Dashamula Front Label
Dharani Oil 6.8 fl oz 200 ml Front Label
Guduchi Front Label
Holy Basil 60 Veg Capsules Front Label
Moringa 60 Veg Capsules Front Label
Punarnavasavam Front Label
Shilajit 60 Veg Capsules Front Label
Triphala Front Label
Turmeric 60 Veg Capsules Front Label
Andrograhis 60 Capsules Front Label
Indukantham Kwath 90 Tablets Front
Thikthaka Ghritham Front Label
Gokshuradi Guggulu Front Label

5,000+ Years of Wellness & Counting

Time has changed Ayurvedic practices around the world… except ours.

In the forests of Kerala, India, our birthplace, the original Ayurvedic tradition lives on.
Kerala Ayurveda practices a pure form of Ayurveda, remaining true to the Vedic texts written over 5,000 years ago.

Every herb, formulation, and practice is a part of a beautiful unbroken
lineage that we’ve carried with us and now share with you.






You are more than a body.

You’re a mind, a body, a conciousness, and the sum of all that surrounds you.

​Every herb, formula, therapy, and consultation is crafted to care for every part of you

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Discover the world’s oldest medical tradition and learn the body’s innate potential for mind, body,
and spirit wellness with our vast catalog of courses and certifications.

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