Herbal Spotlight: Guduchi Ayurveda the Legendary Protector

18th Apr 2023

Are you eager to find out how to increase immunity with Ayurveda? Your immunity determines how susceptible you are to falling ill. Given this, it is vital for you to work on strengthening your immunity. According to Ayurveda, your Ojas plays a significant role in how strong your immunity is. Strengthening your Ojas will naturally increase your immunity levels as well. So, how do you do this?

First, it’s important to know that strong digestive fire (Agni) can improve your Ojas. You can boost your Agni by eating healthy meals on time, making sure that the food you eat is warm to room temperature (it’s best to avoid eating or drinking anything that is too cold), and consuming food when you are in a calm state of mind.

In addition to focusing on your eating and digestion, you can also strengthen your Ojas by managing stress.

To do this, it’s advisable to meditate, practice yoga asanas, and exercise.

You can also perform daily self massages (called Abhyanga) with a herbal oil to nourish your body from deep within and relax yourself. If your immunity is still low, it’s best to visit an Ayurvedic practitioner who can advise you on how to increase immunity with Ayurveda and prescribe necessary supplements to you.

How To Maintain Natural Immunity With Ayurveda?

Are you tired of being susceptible to frequent colds and coughs? Seeing the rise in different viral strains, diseases, and pathogens in our environment, our attention towards immune system development needs to increase. Low immunity can be due to a variety of factors like:

  • Genetic factors
  • Frequently distressing over things
  • Overconsumption of antibiotics and steroids
  • Poor appetite
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • A metabolic disorder like obesity or thyroid syndrome

When a person becomes vulnerable to a group of illnesses, it brings them physical discomfort and high levels of psychological distress. But, this is not the time to lose hope. It is your time to strengthen your Ojas and let the holistic approach of Ayurveda provide you comfort with natural ingredients that act like herbal immune system boosters.

Immunity and health

There’s no inside or outside according to Ayurveda. Seasonal changes affect not just the weather, but also the health of people. Some people are particularly vulnerable and fall ill during changes of season. This problem worsens during spring and fall, causing allergies. In a household of five people, one suffers from allergies while others may not face this problem. Have you ever wondered why is it that all members of a household don’t fall ill when they eat the same food and stay in the same environment? The answer to this question is immunity!

Immunity refers to the ability to fight diseases. Everyone has an immune system in their body that fights diseases and overcomes viruses and bacteria. Those who have a strong immune system face no problems during the flu seasons, while those with weak immunity are more likely to fall ill. Once immunity is compromised, the body loses its ability to fight diseases. In such a situation, a wellness-based medical system like Ayurveda can be helpful. Herbal immune system boosters as recommended in Ayurveda can help improve your immunity.

Ayurveda and Immunity

Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old wellness system that has its origins in India. Ancient texts describe medicinal herbs to be used to treat diseases and improve health. Ayurveda uses the concept of Tridosha or three functional energies to explain diseases. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are the three energies in your body present in varying proportions depending on your Prakriti or unique constitution.

So, when does a health problem or an illness arise? When the Tridosha, the three bio-energies, are not at their optimal levels. Your Ayurvedic practitioner can explain any imbalance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha your body is experiencing.

In Ayurveda, digestion is treated as a key metabolic process that helps in ensuring good health. Agni is the digestive fire, which according to Ayurvedic principles needs to be strong to ensure digestive strength. Agni may be weakened due to an imbalance in any of the Doshas. This can cause various health problems. A key by-product of digestion is Ojas: a substance that imparts vigor and vitality to the body and is considered responsible for immunity. According to Ayurveda, a weak Ojas of the body can make you susceptible to several illnesses. It occurs when our digestive system is not functioning in a manner. The vigor and vitality decrease, and thus immunity falls.

In addition to herbal immunity booster, Ayurveda’s approach will never divert you from your path of holistic treatment. There are no shortcuts in attaining mental peace and developing immunity. Let us have a look at how you can focus more on enhancing both.

Inner peace and Immunity

Thanks to the modern fast-paced 21st-century lifestyle, every day comes packed with high levels of stress and tension. Constant stress weakens the mind and body resulting in impaired immunity. It is important to be able to reduce stress to ensure a positive impact on immunity. Inner peace helps a person be calm and able to handle any stressful situation without getting worked up. You can attain inner peace through meditation – which is one of the best Ayurvedic best practices to reduce stress.

Meditation focuses on being more mindful and improving your ability to take control of our life. Meditation involves being able to disconnect from the stress around you and look inward to find inner peace. Practicing meditation regularly can be very helpful in managing stress and boosting immunity. A simple way to meditate is to sit still, or even lie down, and simply focus on your breath entering and leaving your body. Remain still and focus only on your breath and remove all other thoughts from your mind. Practice this regularly and you will find yourself feeling relaxed and calm more often.

Maintaining Immunity the Ayurveda Way

We advise our readers to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner about their health before starting on any herbal supplements. Incorporate these safe and tested tips in your daily routine to make a change:

  1. Meditation: In these busy days, even 24 hours a day seems less. A basic human tendency of always wanting more has reached its threshold. With wanting more, we compromise our diet, sleep, exercise, and mental peace. This continuous stress of working a little more to accomplish the task has made the inner peace numb. One of the best practices to follow for those who wish to attain focus and disconnect from stress is meditation and chanting. Meditation is an art. One has to remain focused on breath and keep all thoughts aside for the time being. Practice will bring perfection to meditation.  
  2. Balanced Diet: Eating adequate proportions of your carbohydrates, fats, and proteins along with necessary vitamins and minerals is essential for healthy survival and acts as herbal immunity boosters. There are two more proximate principles of a balanced diet, water, and dietary fibers, apart from the above five. Your body is what you consume. Healthy consumption will keep you healthy from an environment full of pathogens.
  3. Yoga: Yoga comprises meditation and various breathing exercises. Aside from asanas to improve your flexibility, Pranayama is a breathing exercise focused on gaining the strength of the lungs.
  4. Ayurvedic herbs: Herbalized Ghee, Brahmi pearls, Ojas capsules, Guduchi, and Ashwagandha are some of the supplements you can use to aid the natural functioning of your immune system.

Good immunity is half the battle already won. By maintaining a high level of immunity in the body, you can rest assured knowing that your body has got your back when it comes to common allergies and ailments. Support your natural immunity with Ayurvedic formulations available at the Kerala Ayurveda online store.

Easy tips to boost Immunity

The following Ayurvedic practices and tips can be followed to boost immunity. Note: it is suggested to consult a medical professional before taking any supplements.

  1. Diet plays a key role in being healthy and improving immunity. Eating nutritious food with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits is recommended. It is best to minimize the intake of oily foods and opt for easy-to-digest, cooked food. Food must be cooked using spices like ginger, turmeric, garlic, fennel, and black pepper as they help in boosting immunity.
  2. It is important to strengthen your respiratory system during seasonal changes. Pranayama is a practice that helps in strengthening your lungs. These are breathing exercises, which when done regularly helps to boost immunity and also keeps you relaxed.
  3. Ayurvedic self massages (Abhyanga) can help reduce toxins in the body and help in balancing Doshas.
  4. Ayurveda has helped discover the best herbs that can serve as immunity boosters. These herbs are 100% natural, safe, and time-tested. Ayurvedic herbal immunity booster products are formulated as per the ancient texts to help boost wellness and improve resistance to diseases.

Some of the products you can consider using are:

    1. Ashwagandha tablets are prepared using Indian ginseng. This is a powerful anti-stress supplement that helps you manage stress and improve the strength of your immune system.
    2. Brahmi pearls are soft gel capsules that act as a rejuvenator for the mind. It helps in reducing stress and refreshes the mind.
    3. Guduchi is known as Amrutha or nectar. It is an herb that is well-known in Ayurveda for its immunity-boosting effects. It revitalizes your mind, body, and also improves the working of the digestive system.
    4. Ojas capsules are made from a traditional Ayurvedic formulation known as Dashamula (made from the roots of ten potent herbs). Ojas stands for vitality and these capsules help to build vitality by strengthening the immune system. It also helps in ensuring normal metabolism.
    5. Indukantha Ghritham is an herbalized ghee (clarified butter) that, when taken regularly, helps to enhance the working of the immune system, boosts your healthy energy levels, and improves digestion.

Good immunity is half the battle already won. By maintaining a high level of immunity in the body, you can rest assured knowing that your body has got your back when it comes to common allergies and ailments. Restore your natural immunity with Ayurvedic formulations available at the Kerala Ayurveda online store.


Q1. Which food helps increase immunity?

A1. Wondering what you can do to boost your immune system? According to Ayurveda, fortifying your body with foods that support your Agni can promote overall wellness. You can do this by eating a diet that is healthy, whole-foods-based, and low in processed foods and refined sugar.


Q2. How can I help boost my immune system fast?

A2. Eating a nutrient-dense diet and supporting your body with the right Ayurvedic supplements can help encourage normal immune function and optimal health. A few supplements that you can consider taking are:

    • Brahmi pearls
    • Guduchi capsules
    • Ojas capsules
    • Triphala capsules
    • Dhanwantharam Sevyam

You can find these supplements and more in the Kerala Ayurveda online store.


Q3. How can I help boost my immune system naturally?

A3. Ayurveda encourages a holistic approach to boost immunity. Immunity is referred to as Ojas in Ayurveda. Building up your Ojas will help your normal immunity and help promote overall wellness. There are various ways through which you can do this:

Eating the right foods: Eating nutrient-dense foods like whole grains, milk, dates, etc., and cooking your food in ghee or sesame oil will help sustain natural immunity. Ayurvedic practitioners also emphasize the importance of eating home-cooked meals that are free from processed ingredients.

Making a habit of the right practices: Indulging in activities like yoga, exercise, and Ayurvedic massages will help maintain the three Doshas in your body to their optimum levels and promote immunity.

Getting sufficient sleep: To support your immune system, you have to do more than just eat the right foods. It’s also important to get enough sleep every night.

Using the right herbs: In addition to the above-mentioned practices, you can also use Ayurvedic herbs and supplements to help your natural build of your Ojas.


Q4. How do you help reset your immune system?

A4. One of the best ways to help reset and maintain your immune system is by fasting. Research shows that fasting for short periods of time can help sustain normal immunity. Further, you can help reset your immune system by eating a nutrient-rich Ayurvedic diet, getting adequate sleep every night, and keeping your emotions stable. Exercising every day and practicing yoga can also help. Using Ayurvedic supplements that are available in Kerala Ayurveda’s online store can help encourage normal immunity as well.


Q5. What drinks help boost your immune system?

A5. Carrot juice: Carrot juice contains plenty of beta-carotene, which is a good antioxidant and aids in normal immunity.

Orange and tomato juice: Tomato and orange are rich in vitamin C, which is essential and helpful for the immune system.

Berry juice: Berries contain vitamin C antioxidants. Taking a berry smoothie is a helpful way of utilizing all the available nutrients without waste.

Herbal teas: Containing essential vitamins and antioxidants, herbal teas support your immunity naturally.