Dashamula, 60 Capsules


Ayurvedic Master Cleanse - The Ultimate Organ Detox Blend


* Stimulates The Body’s Natural Detoxifying Process
* Supports The Elimination Of Toxins
* Removes Excess Vata
* Optimizes Health & Bodily Function

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Free From:
Soy, Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Nuts, & GMO
Not For Use During Pregnancy
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The body is truly extraordinary. It’s self-healing and self-cleansing, naturally removing environmental toxins and the byproducts of bodily function and cellular metabolism. The Ayurvedic standard in cleansing and detoxification, our Dashamula Capsules contain 10 Ayurvedic super roots used for centuries as natural cleansing agents for their uncanny ability to help optimize the normal functioning of all 5 of the body’s detoxifying organs, the liver, kidneys, lungs, colon, and the skin. Rumored to have magic-like qualities, ancient practitioners employed Dashamula as the ultimate remedy for an array of ailments.

Natural toxin elimination assists whole body revitalization and rejuvenation. Crafted from the same master root blend, our Dashamula Capsules are a natural detox supplement, supporting optimal wellness and bodily functional of the 5 detoxifying organs, as well as the muscles, and nervous system.


  • Traditional "Ten Roots" classical formulation derived from ten medicinial Ayurvedic plants known to support proper function of the nervous system
  • Directs the flow of Vata downward to help ground and strengthen the mind and body
  • Supports a healthy respiratory system
  • Promotes balanced energy flow



Vata dosha is the energy of movement and composed of air & space. Vata is considered the “King of Doshas” and governs all the mental and physiological activities in the body, and is the moving force behind the other two doshas



AM and PM


Take one capsule in the morning & one in the evening


Take two capsules a day or as recommended by your healthcare professional