Holy Basil, 60 Veg Capsules


Adaptogenic Stress Support

* Helps Balance Emotional Wellness, Mood, & feelings of Stress
* Nervous System Support
* Supports Adrenal & Cortisol Wellness
* Harmonizes The Mind, Body, & Spirit

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Holy Basil, or Tulsi as it’s traditionally known, is a sacred superherb used as a natural stress support. High in sattvic energy, Holy Basil is classified as a Rasyana, an elite adaptogenic herb revered for its innate ability to heighten clairvoyance, calm the physical and mental manifestations of stress, and align the mind, body, and spirit. Affectionately nicknamed, “Liquid Yoga” by its global supporters, this ancient herb is believed to support the body’s vital life force, while naturally instilling a sense of serenity.


  • Supports Healthy Weight Management & Weight Loss
  • Supports The Body’s Ability To Curb Stress & Irritability
  • Antioxidants Fortify The Body's Natural Stress Defenses
  • Natural Immuno-Protectorate
  • High In Phenolic Compounds
  • Supports Healthy Inflammatory Responses
  • Supports Healthy Immune Function & Responses
  • Supports The Body’s Detoxification Process For Proper Immune System Function
  • Traditionally Used To Heighten Clairvoyance, Consciousness, & Awareness



Vata dosha is the energy of movement and composed of air & space. Vata is considered the “King of Doshas” and governs all the mental and physiological activities in the body, and is the moving force behind the other two doshas


Pitta dosha is the energy of transformation and composed of fire &water. Pitta is like the sun’s heat and governs metabolism and body temperature and helps physically and mentally digest food, thoughts, and experiences


Kapha dosha is the energy of cohesion and structure and composed of water and earth. Kapha lubricates, nourishes, and protects all the physical systems of the body, governs body weight and structure, and creates feelings of strength and contentedness



AM or PM


Take on capsule in the morning or evening


Take one capsule a day or as recommended by your healthcare professional