Vidaryadi Ghritham, 7.4 fl oz / 200 g

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Respiratory Wellness


* Supports Healthy Breathing for Normal Oxygen Flow
* Natural Respiratory System Support 
* Supports Immune System Function& Response
* Helps Maintain Optimal Energy & Vitality*

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The Respiratory system governs far more than just the lungs. It's made up of the diaphragm, windpipe, mouth, nose, sinuses, influences immunity, and so much more. Every breath carries the oxygen needed for normal cellular regeneration and proper function. Vidaryadi Ghritham is a botanically infused ghee to help strengthen respiratory function for whole body wellness.

For thousands of years, Ayurveda has utilized herbal ghees as a conduit for internal and external restoration. Rich in essential fats, ancient practitioners have used clarified butters, like Vidaryadi Ghritham to enhance Ojas for heightened energy flow and vitality.


  • Classic Vedic formulation that nourishes the deepest tissues, helping maintain energy and vitality
  • Ideal to help the body adapt to seasonal changes
  • Bolsters the body's natural immune defenses
  • Ghee's Butyric acid support immune and healthy inflammatory responses
  • Helps the natural elimination of toxins (ama)
  • Supports optimal gut health and a balanced metabolism
  • Supports healthy sleep cycles



Vata dosha is the energy of movement and composed of air & space. Vata is considered the “King of Doshas” and governs all the mental and physiological activities in the body, and is the moving force behind the other two doshas


Pitta dosha is the energy of transformation and composed of fire &water. Pitta is like the sun’s heat and governs metabolism and body temperature and helps physically and mentally digest food, thoughts, and experiences



AM and PM


Take one teaspoon in the morning and evening


2 teaspoons daily