Gandharvahasthadi Castor Oil, 1 fl oz / 30 ml


Movement - Digestive Ease & Elimination


* Supports Natural Elimination & G.I Movement
* Helps Ease Digestive Discomfort
* Supports Healthy Digestive, Colon & Gastrointestinal Function 
* Balances Vata Dosha

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Do not use Laxative products when abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting are present unless directed by a doctor
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The digestive system converts food into vital substances the body needs to thrive. A healthy digestion cleanses the waste through the G.I. tract, typically without feeling overly full or discomfort.

Gandharvahasthadi Caster Oil supports the body’s natural gastrointestinal movement, helping it flush the G.I. tract to support colon, digestive, and G.I health. It’s a potent laxative that supports occasional constipation through elimination which supports the natural easing of digestive distress.

Infused with Ginger Rhizome, a root whose active component, gingerol, is connected to healthy gastrointestinal movement, supporting the digestive process and natural rate that food exits the body.

This formula originates from Ayurvedic practices in Kerala, India, a practice considered to be true to the Vedic texts and undiluted from outside influences. Traditionally, Gandharvahasthadi Caster Oil is also used to pacify and balance the Vata dosha and Vata-related discomforts.


  • Classic formula from the pure, undiluted Ayurvedic practices in Kerala, India.
  • Ginger compounds support normal gastrointestinal motility rates for healthy digestion
  • Helps ease joint discomfort
  • Supports natural elimination of toxins



Vata dosha is the energy of movement and composed of air & space. Vata is considered the “King of Doshas” and governs all the mental and physiological activities in the body, and is the moving force behind the other two doshas


Kapha dosha is the energy of cohesion and structure and composed of water and earth. Kapha lubricates, nourishes, and protects all the physical systems of the body, governs body weight and structure, and creates feelings of strength and contentedness



AM or PM


Use only as directed by your Ayurvedic practitioner or healthcare professional


As needed

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    Gandharvahasthadi Castor Oil

    Posted by Yvonne on 19th May 2023

    Helps to keep me regular!