Glymin, 60 Tablets


Healthy Blood Sugar


* Supports Blood Sugar & Blood Glucose Balance
* Supports Healthy Cholesterol & Pancreas
* Supports Healthy Weight Management
* Helps Curb Appetite & Stress-Related Cravings

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Glymin is a proprietary formula based on an Ayurvedic herbal blend known as Prameha-hara.

Meshashiringi, an herb linked to blood sugar balance, supports healthy blood glucose levels for healthy pancreatic and liver function.

Meshashiringi translates as ‘Sugar Destroyer,’ as it’s renowned for its unique ability to temporarily curb the taste of sugar, while simultaneously supporting healthy nutrient absorption of other essential nutrients.

This helps curb the appetite and cravings for a natural way to manage weight.

Glymin is a Kapha pacifying blend that uses Saptaranga, Jambu, Amalaki, Vijaysar, and Asana to support natural lipid maintenance and balance, as well as healthy cholesterol for whole body balance and function.


  • Curry Leaf helps balance lipids and supports cardiovascular health
  • Meshashringi peptides help curb cravings for sweets
  • Antioxidant-rich Turmeric and Amla support immune function and response
  • Balances Kapha and Pitta doshas



Pitta dosha is the energy of transformation and composed of fire &water. Pitta is like the sun’s heat and governs metabolism and body temperature and helps physically and mentally digest food, thoughts, and experiences


Kapha dosha is the energy of cohesion and structure and composed of water and earth. Kapha lubricates, nourishes, and protects all the physical systems of the body, governs body weight and structure, and creates feelings of strength and contentedness



AM or PM


Take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening


Take capsules a day or as recommended by your healthcare professional