Skin & Beauty Bundle



* Nourishes Hair for Healthy Shine
* Revitalizes Natural Hair Color

* Clarifies and Resurfaces Skin Tone For Even Complexion

* Daily, Gentle, Micro-Exfoliation Formula


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Neelibringadi Keram is well-known for its ability to balance the scalp and promote thick, lustrous hair. Its unique herbal blend can help reverse damage from pollutants, environmental stressors and chemicals. Its coconut and milk base is calming and cooling to the head, providing essential proteins for hair follicles.


How to use: Generously apply during massage or to hair and scalp. Leave in for at least 20 minutes, then rinse and wash as usual.


Kumkumadi Oil is a treat to your skin. It helps illuminate your natural glow, even skin tone and complexion, as well as lessen redness, signs of aging, blemishes and dark circles. Lotus Flower and Saffron are the stars of this radiant serum.


How to use: Massage a few drops into neck and face once to twice daily.


Swarnamukhi Face Pack contains the power Lotus Flower, Beauty Berry and Saffron for an herbal micro-exfoliating. It is gentle enough for daily use to cleanse the pores, remove dead skin and help reveal your bright and healthiest skin.


How to use: Mix with water or lime juice to make a paste and apply a thin layer to face. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.